When Opportunity Knocks, Will You Hear It?



Well, It May Be Knocking Loudly.



In 2004, Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, invited five friends to his college dorm room for a meeting about a new business project he was working on (Facebook). Three of those friends attended... Two didn't. The three who were at that meeting are Billionaires today. We have no idea what happened to the two who didn't.

Often times, the seeds of success are planted when someone is in the right place at the right time; they recognize the opportunity; and they thereafter take smart, consistent action.

While there are a plethora of home businesses you could choose to start today, there are very few that can really change your life both quickly and dramatically for someone who's READY, and someone who finds a well researched opportunity that excites them.

If failure is not an option should the right opportunity present itself... We urge you to watch the videos below.

The first is a promo for the revolutionary new "Wearable" SPACE COMPUTER that WOR(l)D GLOBAL NETWORK will be formally introducing in Dubai the first week of December 2014.

The second video is a detailed overview of the new WOR(l)D GLOBAL NETWORK North American opportunity that will be entering its official pre-launch phase starting Wednesday, 10/29/14.

Please remove all distractions when you watch the overview video, and watch in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. If you don't "See It" after watching the video the first time... Watch it again! We believe it can be that important to where you find yourself 6 months from now, if you "See It." The overview covers details on WOR(l)D GLOBAL NETWORK, its leadership, the opportunity, the cutting edge technology products, and the timing... Nothing fancy; just facts and details you need to know to make an informed decision.


Watch The New SPACE COMPUTER Promo Video


The SPACE COMPUTER is as revolutionary as the iPhone was when it was first introduced. As you've already seen, this is not some theory being promoted by another underfunded, start up company.

It's here, and will be unveiled the first week of December in Dubai. *Listen to our WGN October 2nd Corporate Update call below for more details.

And Remember: Everything you saw taking place in the SPACE COMPUTER Promo video above is happening through Space Glasses, showing a FULL 1080 HD Screen that expands from 40" to 400" in SIZE.

The SPACE Computer's CPU is only 2 inches by 3 inches, and is as powerful as any laptop or desktop! ...And since SPACE has its own Wi-Fi hotspot, you can access the Internet anywhere. It also has Dolby surround sound built into the SPACE GLASSES for quality audio.

Imagine you're in a coffee shop or anywhere for that matter, and you put on the Space Glasses, and start virtually moving computer files around in front of you, and typing on your virtual keyboard! What do you think people will ask?

IMAGINE you're in a foreign country, and you put on your Space Glasses the Road Signs in other languages are now in ENGLISH!

That's the POWER of the Space Computer & the Space Glasses you wear to see your virtual monitor and keyboard.

What's really promising is, this product transcends traditional networking. In other words, you'll have people buying the "Wearable" Space Computer who have no interest in starting a business - They just want the new technology...

And just as important, you'll also have affiliates selling the Space Computer who have no interest in building a network... But, you'll still override their sales! There's also a residual income component.

Even more importantly, these units will not be sold in stores. EVERYONE who sees it, and wants the SPACE COMPUTER, will only be able to purchase it from an authorized WGN affiliate like you! The choice is yours.

"Wearable Technology" Just A Fad? ... Hardly

A Juniper Research study at the end of last year, forecast that retail revenue from the wearable technology market will grow from $1.4 billion in 2013, to $19 billion in 2018 the kind of growth that tends to make stock prices double or triple. Here's the article.



WOR(l)D GLOBAL NETWORK North American Business Overview - September 25, 2014
Watch our business overview video directly below. *The Compensation Plan is being enhanced, so disregard the Comp Plan info in the video for now.




December, 2014 Dubai - WGN Introduces "SPACE", The First "Wearable" Computer





In addition to the SPACE COMPUTER, you will be able to earn income through several WGN stand-alone, proprietary technology products.

We are NOT another reseller. WGN develops, manufactures, and distributes its own cutting edge technology products through a global network of independent affiliates,  Click the image directly below to learn more about each of our stand-alone products.

Click Here - WOR(l)D GLOBAL NETWORK Products



WOR(l)D Global Network
A Media, Marketing & Technology Company is Coming to America!

WOR(l)D Global Network, one of the most innovative, high-tech companies in the world, an international power-house with over 350,000 distributors in 100 countries, (seven of whom are in the Top 200 income earners in the entire direct sales industry worldwide) is now COMING TO AMERICA!

WOR(l)D Global Network is ready to make history again with the introduction of their latest break-through products in the world's biggest market, North America, and we invite you to be part of it.

And just in case you're not sure about the growth potential of the emerging "Wearable Technology" Sector over the next few years, we encourage you to click the link below, and read this article from Investor Business Daily:

"This Could Become A TRILLION-DOLLAR Global Industry"

First Mover Advantage

Take advantage of this historic moment with WOR(l)D Global Network as serious entrepreneurs are already lining up to position themselves.

Pre-Launch the USA & Canada

Having already taken their place among the world's most innovative companies, World Global Network is now opening the US & Canadian markets. For the first time in WGN history, America will soon be open for business.

WGN Corporate Update Call in the US & Canada

Get the latest news, information and updates on the pre-launch of North America, straight from WOR(l)D Global Network executives. On this call you'll learn about:

A three-year old, multi-million dollar media, marketing and technology company that has already taken its place among the world's most innovative companies.

The introduction of SPACE, a product so revolutionary and fantastic that it is already disrupting the computer and entertainment industries with the potential to become a billion dollar product launch - year one.

The time-frame for rolling out this amazing product, available exclusively through the WOR(l)D Global Network, and how and when you can claim your own SPACE

The establishment of WGN's US headquarters in New York and Miami and our upcoming international conference in Dubai where the "Wearable" SPACE Computer will be formally introduced.

Listen To Our Last WGN Corporate Update Call On The North American Prelaunch Of WOR(l)D Global Network Held 10/02/14


What To Do Next

Be a part of history...

Call (972-869-0502) or email Keith to let me know that you're interested in becoming a WGN affiliate, and we'll forward you more details.

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